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The school on Main Road caters for children up to the age of seven – Year Two of the school system. It is partnered with schools in the villages of Swanbourne and Mursley, and the three schools are run as a combined unit under one Head Teacher. Swanbourne C of E school takes children up to Year Six, the last year of Primary School.

The schools have their own website at ‘The Three Schools’

Swanbourne Church of England School – Admission Arrangements (2019-2020)

Friday 1st December 2017

As required by the Admissions Code, the Governing Body of Swanbourne Church of England (VA) School is conducting a consultation on its proposed Admission Arrangements for the school year 2019/20.

It is a requirement of the Code that we consult on our proposed Admission Arrangements at least every seven years or if we propose to make any material change. It is now seven years since we last consulted. Our proposed Admission Arrangements for 2019/20 contain no material changes from our Admission Arrangements for preceding years.

The consultation period runs from Friday 1st December 2017 to Friday 26th January 2018.

A copy of the Admission Policy can be found on the school website ( or a paper copy requested from the school office.

Please send any comments you may have about the proposed arrangements to:

Chair of Swanbourne Church of England (VA) School, Winslow Road, Swanbourne, MK17 0SW or email the school office no later than Friday 26th January 2018.

Thank you

David May

(Acting Head Teacher)

The Three Schools (Swanbourne CE, Mursley CE and Drayton Parslow)